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Drinking Water at Work: A Closer Look at the Benefits

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Drinking Water at Work: A Closer Look at the Benefits


Water. We all know it is an essential element for our bodies and that staying hydrated is necessary for maintaining good health, but let’s face it, most of us know we don’t drink enough water. One statistic is that close to 75% of Americans are not staying regularly hydrated. Dehydration can affect your mood, focus, energy levels, and overall health. One place that you will notice your physical and/or mental performance drop due to dehydration is in the workplace, especially since that is where most of us spend a large portion of our days.

Water makes up about 60+% of our bodies and is crucial for proper bodily functions. It transports nutrients, removes waste, regulates body temperature, and aids digestion. We lose water through everyday activities like breathing, sweating, and using the bathroom. Replenishing lost water throughout the day is important for staying hydrated. Let’s explore the benefits of drinking water at work to help you perform your best both on and off the clock.

1. Improved Cognitive Function: Adequate hydration supports optimal brain function, including memory, attention, and concentration. When we are properly hydrated, our cognitive abilities are enhanced, enabling us to think more clearly, minimize distractions, sustain focus for extended periods, and make better decisions in the workplace.

2. Enhanced Energy and Productivity: Dehydration can lead to feelings of fatigue and decreased energy levels, which can significantly impact work performance. By staying hydrated, we replenish our bodies with the necessary fluids to maintain energy levels, enabling us to stay focused, engaged, and productive throughout the day.

3. Better Physical Performance: Hydration is crucial for physical performance, which is relevant in jobs that involve physical labor or demanding physical tasks. Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and deliver nutrients to muscles. This promotes better physical performance, reduces the risk of injuries, and allows individuals to carry out their work efficiently.

4. Improved Mood and Mental Well-being: Dehydration can affect our mood, leading to irritability, anxiety, and poor mental well-being. By staying properly hydrated, we support our mental health, reduce stress levels, and promote a positive mindset. This positive mental state translates into improved work performance, effective communication, and better interactions with colleagues.

5. Reduced Risk of Headaches and Fatigue: Dehydration is a common cause of headaches and feelings of fatigue. By drinking enough water, we can prevent or alleviate these symptoms, allowing us to work without discomfort or distractions and to maintain consistent work performance throughout the day.

6. Promotes Healthy Habits: When we make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, it often leads to adopting other healthy habits such as proper nutrition and regular exercise. These lifestyle choices positively impact our work performance, as they contribute to increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, and overall physical health.

To ensure that you are drinking enough water at work, consider using a hydration—monitoring app (e.g. Waterllama, WaterMinder, Aqualert) that reminds you to drink water regularly. Additionally, include water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet.

We hope this encourages you to prioritize hydration at work so you can experience the numerous benefits that positively impact your overall well-being and productivity.

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