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The Benefits of Joining an Adult Sports Team as You Age

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The Benefits of Joining an Adult Sports Team as You Age


Have you been looking for a fun and engaging way to stay active as you age? Maybe you feel that going through routine exercises just isn’t cutting it anymore. We all know that physical fitness is essential to thriving, especially as we age, but why not make it fun? Joining an adult sports team may just be the shift you need to break out of your exercise rut and help you break into a new, but enjoyable routine.

Why consider adult sports teams for exercise?
There are multiple reasons why joining an adult sports team is a great idea. Engaging in sports can be a beneficial way to perform resistance exercises that aid in increasing bone density, especially since bone loss accelerates as we get older.

Team sports also provide social interactions that can help alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation, which in turn boost mental health. Linked closely to mental health, maintaining independence is greatly helped by participating in adult sports teams, as it can contribute to a continued sense of autonomy.

You get all of these benefits through sports all while getting a full-body workout doing something fun.

Types of adult sports to consider
The sports you get involved in depends completely on your personal interests, physical capability, and availability.

Swimming offers a low-impact option that is gentle on the joints but highly effective for cardiovascular health.

Tennis is a great option for building endurance and improving coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Cycling offers an opportunity to explore the outdoors while getting a good workout, and it can be done solo or with a team.

Walking soccer, a modified version of the classic sport, is a fantastic option for those who want to stay active while minimizing the risk of injury.

Pickleball is a game that can be played indoors or outdoors and is perfect if tennis feels a little too demanding on your body.

How to find an adult sports team
To find an adult sports team that suits your needs, ask around in your community, check with your local recreation center, or join online groups in your area. Many adult sports teams are open to all levels of experience, so don’t be afraid to join up even if you’re new to the sport. You may even find that joining a team is a great way to learn the basics from other experienced players.

The benefits of joining a team
There are more reasons beyond the physical and mental health benefits that were mentioned earlier that make joining an adult sports team a great idea. It is a great way to build community, make new friends, develop your team-building skills, and become part of something bigger than yourself, especially if you join a team that helps support charities or fundraisers.

Ultimately, joining an adult sports team may just give you the extra boost of motivation that you need to stay active and healthy as your body ages. Do a bit of research or ask around, try one out, and have some fun! When you are having fun, it can hardly be called exercise.

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