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4 Office Beverage Trends Changing Workplace Refreshment

The latest in markets, vending, office coffee and refreshments.

4 Office Beverage Trends Changing Workplace Refreshment


Gone are the days of a corner water cooler and stale coffee burning in a pot all day at work…thankfully! Today’s workforce enjoys beverage selections that rival choices at the trendiest supermarkets.

At GlobalConnect®, we share trends we see within the industry so you can apply them in your breakroom. Below, check out four trends we’re seeing in office beverage preferences this year.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is RTD.jpgReady-to-drink coffees
Coffee will always be a morning staple, but cold brews have now claimed a spot as an all-day favorite.

Ready-to-drink coffees have quickly become a leader in at-work refreshment. Choices frequently include black, nitro, or flavored and attributes like low-sugar, gluten-free, sugar-free, and keto.
Functional Waters
Water choices are exploding, and do more than just hydrate! Functional waters include still or sparkling waters and herb-infused waters, plus additives like minerals, vitamins, herbs, acids, and fruits.
Hybrid drinks
From energy drinks to sparkling waters, and sodas we’re seeing mashups of flavors and enhancements. Energy drink options are now sporting higher electrolytes and hydration boosters as well as flavor combinations. Sparkling waters are sporting additives such as natural caffeine from tea and juice flavors.
No sugar and reduced sugar beverages
Almost all manufacturers now provide either reduced sugar or no sugar options for their most popular products. Among the most notable are options for existing popular drinks by top brands such as Red Bull (Red Bull Sugar-Free), Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar), and Monster Energy (Monster Energy Zero).
These and other workplace snack and beverage trends provide fresh, new benefits to working at the office. When it comes to improving workplace culture and productivity, we’re here to help! Get started with GlobalConnect.

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