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Office Dogs: Improving Focus and Productivity Through Pet Breaks

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Office Dogs: Improving Focus and Productivity Through Pet Breaks


Many modern-day workspaces seek to make some relaxing changes to their office environments. While it may seem counterproductive to encourage relaxation at work, some companies have concluded that simple changes such as decluttering, adding strategic color placement, or adding aromatherapy can help improve focus and relaxation. As these companies adopt these changes, one notable addition is already gaining momentum: dogs in the office.
In March 2024, a new study published in PLOS ONE, an open-access research publisher, suggests that interacting with dogs activated specific areas in the brain that improved mood, lowered stress, and elevated focus. This fun and unique approach helps people relax and improves focus without adding extra stress.

The Study:

The study explored the positive effects of spending time with dogs on our mental state during the workday. Researchers found that brief interactions with dogs increased relaxation and improved concentration among participants. Notably, the study revealed that individuals who spent time with dogs, especially when involved in walking or playing with the dog, exhibited lower stress levels, measured through self-reported questionnaires and physiological markers like cortisol levels.

Moreover, the presence of dogs in the workplace was associated with improved mood and a greater sense of well-being. Participants reported feeling more joyful and less fatigued after interacting with dogs. The study also noted that these benefits were not limited to those who directly interacted with the dogs; even observing others engaging with dogs provided an uplift in mood and reduced stress.

The concept of pets in the workplace is catching on. Many large companies, including tech giants like Amazon and Google, embrace robust pet-friendly policies. They allow employees to bring their furry friends to work, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment. These companies often provide nearby walking trails for exercise, special pet rooms equipped with toys and beds, and various pet amenities such as grooming services and pet-sitting options. By creating a pet-friendly atmosphere, these organizations aim to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and promote a sense of community among their employees.

Implementing “Dog Breaks”

The findings highlight the potential benefits of adopting dog-friendly practices in the workplace, and employers needn’t worry about the complexities of implementation. Simple measures like establishing designated areas for employee-dog interactions or allowing employees to bring their own furry companions to work can be effective. Clear guidelines would be essential for smooth execution, but such practices could reduce absenteeism, increase job satisfaction, and improve overall mental health among employees. The research emphasizes the importance of innovative approaches to enhance employee well-being and productivity in modern workplaces, and welcoming dogs might just be the next step to consider.

As we cultivate workspaces that prioritize employee wellness, “dog breaks” emerge as an innovative strategy to promote focus and relaxation. By embracing these positive outcomes highlighted in the study, organizations can enhance the work experience for their teams. Incorporating dog-friendly practices fosters community and underscores holistic well-being in the modern workplace. By acknowledging the benefits of canine companionship, companies can foster a happier and more productive workforce.

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Office Dogs: Improving Focus and Productivity Through Pet Breaks

Many modern-day workspaces seek to make some relaxing changes to their office environments. While it may seem counterproductive to encourage relaxation at...

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