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Sustainable Breakrooms: Four Eco-Friendly Practices

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Sustainable Breakrooms: Four Eco-Friendly Practices


In today’s world, sustainability plays a crucial role in all aspects of our lives. From transportation to energy consumption, businesses are increasingly focusing on reducing their environmental footprints. One area that often goes unnoticed is the breakroom.

As North America’s leading provider of breakroom solutions, we at GlobalConnect understand the importance of sustainability and have implemented several initiatives to ensure that our breakrooms are environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look at four ways that we help our business clients build sustainable breakrooms.

1. Energy Efficiency: Energy Star® rated equipment
Energy efficiency is a key factor in reducing our carbon footprint. Our breakrooms incorporate Energy Star® rated equipment, which significantly reduces energy consumption and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. By using energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators and coffee machines, we help businesses save energy and decrease their impact on the environment, while also saving money on power bills.

2. Sustainable Disposables
Single-use plastics have become a major concern for our planet. Our breakrooms address this issue by providing sustainable alternatives to traditional disposables where possible. Compostable or biodegradable materials are used—reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact. By opting for sustainable disposables, we ensure that our breakrooms are free from harmful plastic waste.

3. Sourcing Local Products and Ingredients
Supporting local communities and reducing carbon emissions go hand in hand. We understand this and actively source local ingredients for our breakroom offerings whenever possible. By partnering with local suppliers, we minimize transportation distances, which decreases carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping. This not only benefits the environment but also fosters community support and strengthens local economies.

4. Technology-Powered Process Efficiencies
We have developed technology, as well as integrating with existing vending technology, to ensure vending management solutions that streamline maintenance of our breakroom accounts, minimizing the trips our supply vehicles make. Through efficient inventory management, packaging reduction initiatives, and responsible supply-chain practices, we ensure that our breakrooms are as sustainable as possible. By working together, we and our affiliates create a circular system that minimizes waste and maximizes our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable breakrooms are essential for creating an environmentally-friendly workplace. At GlobalConnect, we lead the charge in providing sustainable breakroom solutions. With the right practices and choices, any company can transform its breakrooms to contribute to a sustainable workplace.

Explore ways to make your breakrooms sustainable with GlobalConnect. We invite you to contact us here.

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