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Boost Employee Wellness: DIY Micro Market Ideas to Revamp Your Breakroom

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Boost Employee Wellness: DIY Micro Market Ideas to Revamp Your Breakroom


When it comes to lunch breaks, especially for those who didn’t pack a meal, having limited or no food options onsite can be frustrating. It often forces employees to go offsite to find something to eat that will refuel them. If you’ve heard comments about this from your employees, it may be time to consider upgrading the break room to keep employees onsite with fresh, enticing food options. Here are some ideas for break room improvements that can give your team a wellness boost right where they are.

1. Consider Adding in a Micro Market or Smart Vending Options

Imagine a mini convenience store in your workplace, filled with tasty food and drinks. Micro markets have an open design, making it easy for employees to browse and choose. These setups are very convenient as are Smart Vending machines, which add a high-tech twist with contactless payments and healthier choices. Both options can significantly enhance the break room experience by nourishing your team without them needing to step out of the office.

2. Stock Micro Markets with Various Healthy Food Choices

We cannot discuss micro markets without mentioning food choices. Imagine walking into your break room to find fresh fruits, crisp vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-sugar snacks. Such great choices are hard to resist! Stocking your micro market with healthy options keeps things exciting and helps employees sustain their energy throughout the day. It’s like having a mini farmers’ market in your office, making healthy bites convenient and appealing.

This provides a great opportunity to promote locally sourced produce and goods by offering fresh, seasonal options in your micro market. Locally sourced products often have a shorter supply chain, making them fresher and more nutritious. Promoting these items boosts the local economy and highlights your company’s commitment to quality and sustainability, attracting health-conscious employees.

3. DIY Snack Stations or “Pantry Services”

Who doesn’t love a good snack, right? One creative option for providing healthy snacks is to set up DIY snack stations or pantry services, offering a spread of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and more, ready for the taking. Employees can mix and match, creating custom snack packs to suit their tastes and nutritional needs. It’s like having a mix-and-match buffet of healthy munchies right in the office. Not only does this add a fun, interactive element to break times, but it also ensures that everyone has access to wholesome, satisfying options.

4. Set Up a Hydration Station with Infused or Flavored Water

Staying hydrated is essential, but plain water can get boring. Spice things up with a hydration station in your break room, offering infused or flavored water. Fill pitchers with cool water and slices of cucumber, mint, lemon, or berries for a refreshing twist. You could even complement this setup with a vending machine, stocked with healthy drink options like coconut water, herbal teas, and electrolyte beverages. This encourages employees to stay hydrated and adds a touch of flair to the break room, making it a more inviting space to unwind.

Creating a vibrant, well-stocked break room can significantly enhance employee wellness and satisfaction. We hope these ideas give you a running start for upgrading your company break room and giving your employees the wellness win they long for. If you need help figuring out the details, we would love to help you

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