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Focus on Employee Health and Wellness as Companies Consider Return to Work Amidst Pandemic

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Focus on Employee Health and Wellness as Companies Consider Return to Work Amidst Pandemic


Many people have seen their work lives shift and adapt to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic. Now, with several vaccines close to release and new-found hope that an end may be in sight, companies are beginning to think of reopening offices and bringing employees back on site in the new year. With the predicted gradual return to some normalcy in the workplace, there’s never been a more important time for companies to focus on employees’ health and wellness.

The top concern on employees’ minds when considering a return to the office is staying healthy and safe. Returning to work safely means the Covid-19 precautions of masks, hand washing, and social distancing become the norm, but companies can go one step further and implement other changes that can help employees feel more confident being back at work. After all, employee retention is crucial right now when many people are having to make hard decisions for their families—from childcare to online schooling and protecting loved ones’ health. Companies that go above and beyond during this difficult time will be more likely to retain their best talent.

Concerns for Return to Work
With all of the changes that Covid precautions bring to the workplace, employees will want to simplify lunch breaks, snacks, or just getting their morning coffee. In addition, businesses must allay concerns about shared spaces and the risks of touching publicly-accessed equipment. Offering a BistroToGo!® fresh food market can help alleviate these worries. Micro markets have become more popular since the pandemic started, with a shift in companies providing these services rather than traditional dining and vending machines.

Micro Markets Provide Self-Serve, Touch-Free Meals and Snacks
With a fresh food market on-site, employees have a variety of healthy, fresh foods, snacks, and beverage options for purchase on a self-serve basis. The purchase process is touch-free via the use of touchless payment kiosks which enable scanning a product and paying via mobile app. BistroToGo!® markets are unattended and are available to employees 24/7, providing a cost-effective way to provide employees safe, healthy snack and meal options. In addition to the convenience, this is an especially appreciated amenity at this time when leaving the office to go out to lunch may not be possible or too risky to visit public restaurants.

Contactless Coffee Stations
GlobalConnect has been offering customized coffee experiences for years. Bean-to-cup brewers offer employees a full coffee shop experience without ever leaving your campus. They can enjoy specialty coffees including cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and more. The Encore 29 bean-to-cup brewer enables a wide range of coffee choices and is completely contact-free. Employees simply scan a QR code on the front of the machine with a cell phone to customize their coffee selections and to make cashless payment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to be more innovative and to come up with solutions to get their employees back to work safely. GlobalConnect’s technologies have been designed with health and wellness as a key driving factor, and our contactless services are just what’s needed to help foster confidence that your team can return to work safely.

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