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10 Tasty Mocktails to Get You Through Dry January

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10 Tasty Mocktails to Get You Through Dry January


Instead of the typical New Year’s resolutions like vowing to exercise more or lose weight, many Americans are following a new social challenge of abstaining from drinking alcohol for the month of January. Referred to as “Dry January,” many people opt to take a break from booze for the entire month, often stemming from an overindulgent holiday season of spiked eggnog and endless party cocktails.

Even before the holiday season, some people may have noticed a pattern of drinking more alcohol than they should, and then the holidays only exacerbated that. Experts say that moderate alcohol consumption for women is one glass or less per day, and no more than two glasses per day for men. Drinking more than that can lead to a host of health issues and other problems, so a month-long break from alcohol may just be what’s needed to reset your habits for the new year. Once you’ve abstained for a month, you may realize you feel much better and don’t need to drink as much the rest of the year.

One of the main reasons some people may not succeed in completing Dry January, or why some people may be hesitant to try it at all, is the fear of missing out during social occasions. But you can still enjoy social events without alcohol, you just have to get creative if you feel more comfortable with a drink in your hand.

There are a variety of tasty nonalcoholic drinks or mocktails to get you through the month. Some are so good, you may decide to substitute mocktails in lieu of traditional cocktails going forward. Here is just a sample of 10 types of mocktails you can enjoy, but there are loads of recipes available online. Many establishments also offer nonalcoholic beer, wine, and other drinks as well.

Mojito Mocktail
Minty mojitos are a great drink choice for brunch or a baby shower. Make them alcohol-free, and they become a refreshing beverage. Follow this recipe for a tasty, easy mojito mocktail for your next gathering.

Nonalcoholic Sangria
Who doesn’t love the fruity wine taste of a good Sangria? In this nonalcoholic recipe, there is no added sugar, just 100 percent juice and fresh fruit.

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
If you’re already dreaming of summer, this sweet strawberry mocktail will help pull you out of the winter blues.

Nonalcoholic Margarita
You can still join friends at your favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoy a margarita without the alcohol. Or break out the blender and make your own at home with this fun recipe.

Virgin Mary
If you’re a Bloody Mary fan, this nonalcoholic alternative is great for a booze-free brunch.

Chocolate Martini Mocktail
Is it dessert or a drink? This pretty chocolate mocktail tastes just like a frozen mudslide.

Mock Apple-Cider Sour
If you prefer sour over sweet drinks, this mocktail’s orange peel garnish adds a hint of smoke that’s similar to the taste of whiskey.

Orange Cream Mimosa
For a fizzy, delicious drink, this orange cream mimosa uses sparkling wine, sparkling cider, or ginger ale.

Shirley Temple
The childhood favorite is still a good nonalcoholic choice that’s not just for kids.

Arnold Palmer
One of the most well-known mocktails, named after the famous golfer, is simply a blend of iced tea and lemonade.

Get creative and experiment with your own mocktail recipes. Nonalcoholic drinks don’t have to be boring!

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