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Adult Sports Teams – Fitness, Fun, and Friends!

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Adult Sports Teams – Fitness, Fun, and Friends!


You may remember what it was like being part of a baseball league, basketball team, or cheer squad as a kid or teenager. Most likely, most of what you recall is how much fun you had, not realizing how being part of a team was helping keep you physically fit, building friendships, fostering teamwork and cooperation, and more. But once you headed off to college or joined the workforce as an adult, the thought of being part of a sports team was probably not top of mind. Instead, you may have joined a gym, and now you get your exercise by slugging away on a treadmill or lifting weights, usually by yourself.

But what if you could bring back that team camaraderie and improve your fitness at the same time? By joining an adult sports league, you can!

That’s right, team sports aren’t just for kids. Many different types of adult sports teams have popped up all over the country in recent years. From adult soccer and softball teams to kickball, bowling, and Frisbee golf, there are teams for every type of interest and all fitness levels.

Health benefits of adult sports leagues
If you’re bored with going to the gym, you can get a good cardiovascular workout by being part of a sports team. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and flag football all require stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Playing a team sport a few times a week can be great for improving your heart health as well as for helping you maintain or even lose weight.

Many sports also build muscle and improve strength. Playing lacrosse or soccer can build lower body strength while playing tennis or basketball will build upper body strength.

Certain sports can also help keep your bones strong as you age. Sports with lots of jumping and lateral movement are particularly good for bone health.

Not only are team sports good for your physical health, they’re also great for your mental health. Playing sports can help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood. Plus, the camaraderie and community building of being part of a team can help you feel more connected to others and thus, happier.

How to find an adult sports team
There are endless opportunities for team sports out there. Many organizations offer adult sports leagues, including your local YMCA, churches, and sometimes even your office, and there are plenty of types of teams from which to choose.

There are teams for traditional sports such as basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, and more, as well as adult leagues for non-traditional sports like cornhole, Frisbee golf, dodgeball, and kickball. The best way to find a team is through word-of-mouth, but a simple Google search for adult sports teams in your area will bring up lots of options. You can also visit https://mysocialsports.com/ to find leagues in your area.

Lose the excuses!
If you’re bored with repetitive gym workouts and miss being part of a team, but you are worried you won’t have the time to be part of an adult league or are apprehensive because you think you aren’t good enough to play, don’t let those excuses keep you from joining. Joining a sports team can re-energize a boring workout routine, reignite a passion for competition, and help you make new friends.

Team commitments are usually one game and one or two practices per week, and almost all leagues play games on weeknights or during the day on weekends. You can easily find a team that will fit into your schedule.

Don’t let the expense of joining a team deter you either. While there are certainly some moderate costs involved, playing on a sports team will almost always be cheaper than a monthly gym membership. Costs for organized leagues include things like paying for courts, fields, or other playing spaces, referees, team shirts, etc. Costs are usually per team and will vary depending on the number of team members, but most range $75-$150 per season.

You also don’t need to worry about not being good enough at a particular sport. Most adult leagues are divided into different divisions based on skill level. A lot of leagues are aimed at adults in their 20s and 30s, but there are many teams for those in their 40s and 50s and older too.

Ready to join? Pick a sport that you’re already familiar with or that you are interested in. Find a team that is geared toward your ability level such as a recreational league.

Most of all, have fun! With a team sport, exercising no longer has to be a chore—it can actually be enjoyable and fulfilling.

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