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Health and Wellness Programs can Attract Quality Talent

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Health and Wellness Programs can Attract Quality Talent


Any business owner will tell you that in today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become quite difficult for companies across industries. While salary and benefits packages remain highly important, many job seekers are now focusing their job-hunting efforts on companies that prioritize the well-being and health of their employees. This is where corporate health and wellness programs play a crucial role.

The key reason—and albeit the obvious one—why health and wellness programs are effective in attracting top talent is that they offer benefits that improve the overall well-being of employees, both mentally and physically. Companies that take an interest in employee health and provide avenues for them to achieve health and wellness goals create a positive working environment and inspire loyalty. Perks like access to healthy meals on-site, gym memberships, and wellness classes, can help create a positive work culture.

Business Advantages of Wellness Programs
Not only do corporate health and wellness programs attract top talent, but they also bring numerous advantages to companies in terms of employee motivation. Studies have shown that employees who take part in these initiatives are happier in their current positions and more likely to stay with the company than those who don’t. These programs also help increase employee motivation, productivity, and morale, which in turn helps companies reduce overall stress levels as well as health insurance costs.

Forbes reports that of people involved in a health and wellness program, there is less than a 50% turnover rate compared to those who do not participate in a wellness program. This translates to measurable savings for the company as it eliminates the costly process of recruiting and hiring new staff members.

Start a Corporate Health & Wellness Program
By taking small steps and researching how to start such programs, businesses can take meaningful initiatives to attract and retain quality talent. Here are 4 steps HR managers and corporations can take to implement a health and wellness program for employees:

  1. Assess Company Needs: Evaluate employees’ health and wellness needs through surveys or feedback.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Define program objectives, such as reducing stress, promoting physical activity, or offering nutrition education.
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Plan: Work with professionals to design a program that addresses health needs and aligns with company values. Include fitness challenges, workshops, and wellness resources.
  4. Communicate and Promote: Launch the program with enthusiasm, communicating benefits and encouraging employee participation. Regularly promote events, success stories, and positive impact on well-being.

For companies aiming to promote healthy lifestyles among employees as part of their corporate wellness goals, GlobalConnect offers The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ program. This comprehensive wellness program empowers businesses to implement nutrition education, offer healthy food options, and create a supportive environment.

With educational resources, guidance on better food choices, and a collection of nutritious recipes, it complements GlobalConnect’s existing healthy vending options and fresh bistro market solutions. Implementing this program encourages informed decisions and healthier habits.

Implementing a corporate health and wellness program is no longer just a perk—it has become a necessity for attracting and retaining top talent. So if you are a business owner looking to start with better food and healthier lifestyle goals for your employees, give us call and we will help you get started.

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